Automotive/vehicles, robotics/AI, mechanical engineering

Types of text:

Technical documentation, quality management, technical drawings, technical papers, manuals, apps, instructions, marketing, website content, etc.


Computer - hardware/software, apps, cloud solutions, localisation

Types of text:

Product descriptions, software localisation, website localisation, instructions, press release, analysis, manuals, trainings, technical papers, reports, broschures, etc.


Banking, stock markets, commodity markets, investments

Types of text:

Reports, analyses, technical papers, website content, manuals, instructions, broschures, marketing, press releases, apps, etc.


macroeconomics, psychology, medicine, culinary/cooking, fashion/textile, travelling/tourism

Types of text:

Website content, instructions, manuals, trainings, apps, technical papers, reports, country risk analyses, broschures, technical books, recipes, menus, articles, blogs, marketing, press releases, etc.

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